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Welcome to SKINN, a haven for self-love and self-care. Join us on a journey of body care through mindful movement. Discover the art of nurturing yourself with exquisite tools and pure, Australian skincare products. Indulge in moments of respite as SKINN pampers you with meticulously crafted treatments. With an extensive experience of 23 years in the health and wellness industry, SKINN's practices and treatments are meticulously designed to transform your stress into renewed vitality.

Kirby SlaytorFounder


Immerse yourself in serenity with our exquisite treatment room at Skinn. Experience tranquility and relaxation in our beautifully designed treatment space, setting the perfect ambiance for our rejuvenating treatments.

SKINN Flow Treatment


Allow 60 min

When booking in for a treatment at Skinn, we will book you in for a Skinn flow treatment. Our treatments are then crafted to what your body and skin are needing on the day. This may include a treatment focusing on releasing tension and promoting lymphatic drainage to help with puffiness, fluid retention, and jaw tightness. This is done with facial dry brushing, facial cupping, gua sha, LED light therapy, specific sculpting, and tension-releasing massage. We may also do a light chemical peel if that is what your skin needs.

Captivating moment: Our founder at Skinn demonstrating Mat Flow, seated on a yoga mat, radiating mindfulness. Experience the essence of Mat Flow, a transformative practice, through the skilled guidance of our dedicated owner.

Mat Flow Treatment


Allow 60 min

Skinn Mat Flow Treatment is meditation through movement. It is a practice that focuses on helping you reset your nervous system and teaches you skills to use in your daily life. It is breath work. It is stretch through movement. It is resilience through movement. Where your breath creates flow and your flow creates the glow. Practice Times: Monday 9:30 am Wednesday 9:30 am Friday 12:00 pm

Revitalizing Secret RF Micro Skin Needling session at Skinn. Witness a woman in relaxation as a skilled professional performs the procedure, enhancing skin renewal and well-being through our specialised skincare services.

RF Micro Needling


Allow 60 min

RF Micro Needling Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, is a non-invasive procedure that involves using a device with tiny needles to create controlled micro-injuries in the top layer of your skin. These tiny punctures trigger your body's natural healing process, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin—proteins that give your skin its plumpness and elasticity. RF micro needling, a combination of micro needling and radiofrequency (RF) energy, takes the benefits of micro needling to the next level. Our SECRET RF is a device with tiny needles that emit RF energy as they penetrate the skin. This dual action triggers a more intense wound-healing response, leading to a wider range of potential benefits compared to regular micro needling.

What our valued clients are saying!


Kirby has played a pivotal part in getting my skin to its best. I have been seeing Kirby for over 2 years and I haven't looked back. Her professionalism & product knowledge is outstanding and the treatments I've tried I have loved and always see & feel results. Forever grateful for what Kirby has done for me and my skin!

Courtney, D3 Jun 2023

OMG, Kirby is absolutely amazing, I’ve just had the most beautiful facial. Kirby not only provides a wonderful service but follows it up with great advice relevant to your personal situation. Her Instagram also provides ongoing tips and tricks on how to look after ourselves. I recommend following her, you’ll be surprised at how her down to earth advice can help us in our daily lives. Clearly I’m a big Kirby fan x

Bronwyn, D05 Aug 2023

If you haven't experienced the SKINN Flow Treatment you need to make it a priority self-care for you. Honestly I've never had anything like this, and I've been with Kirby, Ultraceuticals and now SKINN for many years. The treatment was incredible. My skin felt rejuvenated and healthier, and my mind cleared and unburdened. Unbelievable! A true gift for yourself or to give to someone you want to show how important they are. Thank you Kirby.

Razz, W02 Nov 2023

Skinn is open Monday to Wednesday for appointments and every Thursday and Friday for retail sales.

Explore a variety of premium skincare products available at Skinn. Our in-store collection features a range of high-quality products crafted to enhance your skincare routine. Browse and shop our curated selection for radiant and healthy skin.
Elevate your gifting experience with our exquisite in-store gift packs at Skinn. Discover beautifully curated selections suitable for any occasion. Treat your loved ones or yourself to the perfect blend of luxury and skincare indulgence with our thoughtfully designed gift packs.Elevate your gifting experience with our exquisite in-store gift packs at Skinn. Discover beautifully curated selections suitable for any occasion. Treat your loved ones or yourself to the perfect blend of luxury and skincare indulgence with our thoughtfully designed gift packs.

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